We’ve been experiencing a resurgence of dancers lately–and loving every minute of it!  A packed dance floor has its own energy and the fun never stops.  At our last dance party on Friday, May 17th, DJ Deeq provided us with a playlist so filled with grooves that it made everyone want to move and shake it “like a Polaroid picture.”


Show us how it’s done, Ginger Rogers!

Before we started dancing, DJ Deeq explained that she found her inspiration to create this week’s playlist by using Shazam–an audio identifying app that allows users to track and learn more about any song that one may hear on the radio, in a movie, in an elevator–wherever!  What a fun way to collect songs for a danceable music mix.  Check out her hour’s worth of music:


DJ Deeq’s hot music mix pleased everyone with a wide variety of pop songs, from Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” to Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” and Ready for the World’s “Oh Sheila” to the 1990s pop hits by 311 and Third Eye Blind.  Several of the deejays lately have noticed that we have been lacking in working in 1990s pop hits into our playlists–many, many thanks to DJ Deeq for showing us how it’s done!

Ladies: our next dance party is FRIDAY May 31st, at 8pm in Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  It’s the fifth Friday of the month and you know what that means:  we’re dancing to a movie soundtrack!!  So put on your boogie shoes because we’re dancing to the 1970s disco hits found on the soundtrack to  SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!  Eat your heart out, John Travolta–DDPP-Akron is gonna show you how we do it!  Bring a friend because this is going to be a fun one.



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