Our first dance party of the month (Friday May 3rd) turned out to be a fantastic one-as Chuck Norris (above) has clearly identified.  Our deejay for the evening, MC Maynan, turned out a playlist with inspiring tunes that had everyone singing along!  That’s how you know it’s a good evening–the dance floor is filled with stomping feet and singing hearts.  Thanks again to MC Maynan for volunteering her time.  Check out her playlist:


Are you interested in providing our dancers with an hour’s worth of dance music?  Speak with one of the Den Mothers before or after the next dance party and we’ll add your name to the list.  WARNING: the fun of being a deejay may be contagious!  You may find yourself wanting to do it again and again 😀


Don’t stay home bored on Friday nights!?  Ladies, come out and dance with us.  Our next dance party is Friday, May 17th, 8pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  Don’t forget: you can always stay up to date with all the DDPP-Akron happenings on our Facebook page (click HERE for that link), our facebook group, or even on Twitter (Click HERE for the link to @DDPPAkron).  See you at the next dance party!


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