You gotta hold the frame!


Finally, a realistic picture of what we actually look like when we come out of DDPP!

I, for one, am a huge fan of Dirty Dancing as I know are many other DDPPers. When we were brainstorming for Fifth Friday ideas I jumped all over the chance to create a playlist from the movie’s soundtrack. With the 20th Anniversary edition released in 2007 there were a ton of songs to choose from although a lot were down tempo. The den mothers decided to spice it up by adding one dance song from the era that the movie is paying homage to, and the perfect DDPP soundtrack was born (3/29).

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.22.27 PM

This montage video is so sweet, it even has a French translation of the song, ‘She’s Like the Wind’:

Fearless Flashback


This was both a challenging DDPP mix – as in, super danceable which challenged our endurance, and a comforting one – as in, songs that were super familiar and much loved. This Den Mother is afraid of the 90’s but NOT den mother DJ Prisoner, our DJ for the night. She embraces the 90’s, owns the 90’s, loves and nurtures the 90’s in her heart. Thank goodness for her fearlessness!

As stated in the invite and at DDPP that night (3/15), while creating this mix DJ Prisoner was thinking back on a cross country road trip/dance club extravaganza that would have featured some of these very hits while they were actually hits. She lived this playlist! And through the power of DDPP so did we.

Picture 6

And if reading this post didn’t bliss you out enough, check out this video: