Got into the Groove!

And it wasn’t hard to do! The most recent DDPP (1/18) was an easy one to get the rhythm of as all of the songs were fabulous 80’s hits. DJ Stardust made her debut playlist although, you wouldn’t have been able to tell she was a newbie by the masterful way she got us all hot and sweaty and singing!

1. Take Me With You- Prince And Apollonia
2. Call Me- Blondie
3. Fame- Irene Cara
4. Harden my Heart- Quarterflash
5. I’m Coming Out- Diana Ross
6. Into the Groove- Madonna
7. Looking for a New Love- Jody Watley
8. Love is Battlefield- Pat Benatar
9. Lovergirl- Teena Marie
10. Back on the Chain Gang- The Pretenders
11. Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
12. Take Your Time- S.O.S. Band
13. Upside Down- Diana Ross
14. 99 Luftballons- Nena
15. Glamorous Life- Shelia E.
16. Never Been To Me- Charlene

We try to play all kinds of music here but sometimes you need to go back to your roots to really remember why this whole thing is so much fun. And there is no doubt that this kind of dance party is rooted in the multitude of danceable pop songs from the 80’s. If you don’t believe it, please see the video below for reference:)

On this night we were not just celebrating our newest DJ but also our 100th DDPP. We have gotten together to dance 100 times which is a huge milestone. Our anniversary is also around the corner so come out and celebrate one of our many coming milestones with us — by dancing!

Look, someone did this bedazzling for DJ Stardust!



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