Mama Said Knock You Out

DJ Steez and The DenMother came to this fourth DJ Battle (12/21)primed and ready for a good match. The crowd was following the bout closely, trying to guess the ‘moves’.

sq-phil-spector-pumpHere are the themes from this last battle, so you need wonder no more:
An instrumental
A song with a boy’s name in it
A song in a foreign language
A British new wave song
A song less than 2 minutes long
A Phil Spector song
A song by a 2013 Rock Hall nominee
A song your Mom likes
A song you loved as a child

Interested in DJing for DDPP but the pressure to ‘perform’ too much? Or is a full hour too daunting? Challenge a friend to a DJ battle and then you only have to pick half the songs! Now that you know the themes you can guess which DJ picked which song:)

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 2.04.16 PM

Thank you to DJ Steez for being a formidable oponent, bringing the ‘A’ game, and not letting me be lazy with my punches! This is for her:


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  1. Oh no! But this video makes me so sad!!!

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