Mo’ Motown Please!

Not what you think of when you think Motown? We, at DDPP, know to throw our preconceived notions out the window when we show up on a Friday night. Nothing is ever as it seems! Marky Mark can embody the spirit of Motown, Queen Latifah can do double duty as a Motown artist and sample a Motown artist on top of that, The Fab Four can even cover a Motown classic as a nod to the amazing artistry that came out of the Motor City.

DJ Deeq put a lot of thought into this mix (12/7) to make it the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest record companies of all time. Not only was there a Motown sound but there was a Motown look and a Motown feel. This video embodies the longevity of this great company by showing us how classy they were even in the disco era:

Our LAST DDPP for 2012 is on 12/21 when DJ Steez and The DenMother battle it out DJ style. Check out this fantastic playlist to whet your appetite for the next dance party!



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