Mo’ Motown Please!

Not what you think of when you think Motown? We, at DDPP, know to throw our preconceived notions out the window when we show up on a Friday night. Nothing is ever as it seems! Marky Mark can embody the spirit of Motown, Queen Latifah can do double duty as a Motown artist and sample a Motown artist on top of that, The Fab Four can even cover a Motown classic as a nod to the amazing artistry that came out of the Motor City.

DJ Deeq put a lot of thought into this mix (12/7) to make it the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest record companies of all time. Not only was there a Motown sound but there was a Motown look and a Motown feel. This video embodies the longevity of this great company by showing us how classy they were even in the disco era:

Our LAST DDPP for 2012 is on 12/21 when DJ Steez and The DenMother battle it out DJ style. Check out this fantastic playlist to whet your appetite for the next dance party!



The slumber party original!

This was everything it was cracked up to be! Not only did we dance to the entirety of the Footloose Soundtrack, (only one song played out of order for our cool down) we added two super fun songs from the same year Footloose hit the top of the Billboard chart. I NEVER thought that Caribbean Queen would be the top pick in any poll but I am super glad it was!


You’ll notice – if you are a Footloose Freak – that we used the extended version of Dancing in the Sheets this night (11/30) and that the two add-on songs aren’t listed. We played I Feel For You by Chaka Khan and Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean from YouTube as I did not own a copy (at the time:). These were the played in that order just before the cool down song. Now you know the rest if the story!

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 8.47.18 AM