The theme is out of the bottle…

DJ Prisoner really had us going for a minute there. It seemed like there was a theme but then maybe there wasn’t…well, now it seems like there is. We really should have known it all along as this theme is near and dear to her heart – the old boob tube, the T.V.

Now this theme was well researched, just as you would expect from DJ Prisoner who has written extensively on this very subject and is quite knowledgeable. So, while her audience may not have recognized the theme from S.W.A.T. DJ Prisoner certainly would have!

This utterly danceable theme had us dancing to TV stars turned singers and singers turned TV stars. We danced to theme songs and mash-ups of theme songs. We even danced to the man himself – Davis Hasselhoff! DJ Prisoner kept our feet and our minds moving as we tried to tie each song to television in some way or another.

While we rest from this TV extravaganza we eagerly await our next Fifth Friday event, 8/31, which will be an all request Stevie Wonder night! Think of your favort-ist, dancing-ist Stevie songs and then join DJ Steez as she mixes all of our requests into a full hour of fun.

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