Girls Love Lovergirl!

‘Coffee, tea or me, baby, touché ole
My opening line might be a bit passé
But don’t think that I don’t know what I’m feeling for you
‘Cause I got a vibe on you the first time that I saw you, whoa…’

Well, I know I love the ‘Vanilla Child’ but I didn’t know you all loved her too! Thanks for singing along with me at last Friday’s DDPP. And no, I didn’t get all of those lyrics right.

As the DJ last week I was proud to bring all ‘new’ songs to DDPP, several from artists we favor but all songs that had been neglected. No more! There were a couple of challenging songs in there but it just gave us some mellower moments on a warm night in the studio:)

We had a great turn-out, some new ladies and little ladies that really got a vibe on us the first time they saw us. We know we will dance with them again. Maybe as soon as 8/17, our next event DJ’d by DJ Prisoner, who is not admitting to a theme at this point. She is so secretive!

Last note – do yourself a favor and watch this video. I have described this performance several times as ‘watching your not sexy uncle’ sing on stage. George McCrae is lots of things but ‘sexy looking’ is not one of them! But man, that voice…

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