Yacht Club

DJ Steez could not have had better weather for this breezy, smooth mix. It was a hot one, ladies, but these songs made us dance without loosing our cool. Plus, we all looked cute in our sailor stripes!

For those of you that didn’t sail away with us on our yacht rock inspired night and still don’t know what the heck all the of this is about, know that it started with the album cover above.

And it turned into a sketch parody:

This is my fave of the yacht rock clips because you know I love the Hall & Oates. And apparently so does DJ Steez, check out her playlist for the H&O double play!

Next time we get together DJ Sassy Pants has threatened us with Songs That Will Stick to Your Brain – I am a little scared ’cause she has a knack for knowing the most infectious songs! We are dancing July 20th and we hope you’ll follow us on our new Twitter account to keep up with the latest news.

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