DJ Battle: Round #3

“…One day to come together, To release the pressure, We need a Holiday…” –wise words of Madonna

Last Friday night, we held round #3 of the 2012 DJ Battles.  Remember Round #1 between DJ Steez and grrrilla beats?  Click HERE to see that January post again.  Remember Round #2 between DJ Prisoner and the Den Mother?  Click HERE to see that March post again.  Now Round #3, a bout between DJ Prisoner and grrrilla beats.  Boy, did we have fun! (Confession: I’m DJ Prisoner).  grrrilla beats and myself decided to use several categories from previous battles as well as a few new ones.  Our categories: British Invasion; a song from TV; a foreign song; a Yacht Rock favorite; Band Never Played at DDPP Before; a Cover Song; a song by single artist; and, a song released in 2012. Check out what we came up with: (selections alternate starting with grrrilla beats, then DJ Prisoner)


This was a second attempt for both of us to go toe to toe in creating a DJ Battle.  I think it shows because we both we pretty good at matching and anticipating each other’s moves.  This was awesome!  If you haven’t done this yet, you should.

The British Invasion category was a spin-off from Round #2’s Motown match-up.  I love that neither of us went for the more obvious hits of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles.  For the second category, coincidentally we each chose a song from a hit HBO TV series: the Robyn single from Girls and the other is the theme tune to Tremé.  In the next category, again we coincidentally chose a french song–we have so much in common, maybe that’s why we’re friends?!  Both of our Yacht Rock selections are solid quintessential hits of the genre and we both easily found songs by a band never played at DDPP-Akron before.  If you know grrrilla beats, you know she always works in a Neil Diamond song and in the Cover Song category, she pays tribute to the Diamond by selecting the ever popular Monkees standard which was written by him.  My cover song is Seal performing the Spinner’s classic R&B hit. Our selection for a single artist was Paul McCartney–grrrilla beats rocked us out with a classic Beatles tune and I picked a single which was performed by Wings in the late 1970s but eventually recorded by McCartney for his solo album in 1980. And, our last category: songs recently released, it looks like Video Voyeur may have been released in December 2011.  I think that’s close enough and we’ll forgive her.  My selection of Rufus Wainwright’s new single came out in March but the album just came out May 1st.  Whew!  That’s a lot of commentary. I’m feeling like it was a draw–with the dancers as the real winners.  Don’t you want to try a DJ Battle?  Who will you take on?


Our next dance party is Friday, June 1st, 7:30pm at Martell’s as usual.  Bring your daughter, bring your mother, bring your girlfriend–or just bring YOURSELF and head out on the dance floor.  See you there!