Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


I’m writing this from my couch–sore from last night’s dance party blow-out!  But I’m happy with my muscle aches, I earned them and today my limp is my badge of honor for participating in and surviving the Madonna & Michael Jackson two hour dance-off.  Woot–woot–ouch!


Yes, Michael, TWO full hours of dance party.  I know, right?

It wasn’t just a full night of the best of Madonna and Michael Jackson’s music but it was the fifth Friday of the month which means it was a By-Request Night.  Dancers were asked to select the songs they wanted to hear and we played them!  Our previous By-Request Night was Janet Jackson–remember that?  Our next one is the fifth Friday, June 29th and we will be dancing to the requests from the hits of Stevie Wonder.  I can’t wait!

Highlights from last night, Friday March 30th:  Most people picked Madonna songs from the 1980s, however, the DJ (that was me!) selected Madonna’s new single, performed at the Super Bowl this past year, as the final song in the set (see playlist below).  Thanks to Juniper for thinking ahead and bringing water bottles for everyone–we needed it!  We started the Michael Jackson set with ‘Thriller’ so the adorable, high-energy kindergartner in the group could go home and go to bed. LOL!  Unlike, our previous dance party, the police did NOT show up! And, did I mention:  We didn’t stop ’til we got enough!

Check out the two set lists:  Madonna first, then Michael Jackson.



Our next dance party is this Friday, April 6th.  It will be a Good Friday, indeed.   We’ll also be dancing on Sunday April 8th.  If you want Sunday dance parties to continue, please show up and/or speak to one of the den mothers about opportunities for you to organize those Sunday opportunities.  See you on Friday!