Hipster Holiday


Some of us started celebrating the holiday early by dancing on Friday night.  On March 16th, we were doing an irish jig and the mashed potato to a music mix courtesy of Rob.  He entitled his playlist Hipster’s Holiday.


Do you know the 1960s fad dance, the Mashed Potato?  Watch it here

I’m not sure what the title means unless Rob intends to reference the hip-shakin’ good time that he inspired.  Thanks Rob for providing us with your playlist.  See it below:

Our next dance party is Friday March 30th at 7:30pm.  It’s our annual Spring Social and will run a special length: two full hours.  The first hour of music will be the dance hits of Madonna and the second hour’s worth will be music from Michael Jackson.  Start warming up now because you’ll want to rock the dance floor all night!

This will be an ideal time to introduce a girl friend to DDPP-Akron so send the invitations out.  Please help spread the word about this fantastic event by sharing this link with your friends and on Facebook, if you’re so inclined.  Let’s pack the dance floor full and show everyone how we do it.  It’s less than two weeks away.  We’ll see you then 🙂

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