DJ Battle: Round #2


“…Show her that you’re not that shy.  Let her see that fancy footwork….”

Last Friday night, we held round #2 of the 2012 DJ Battles.  Remember Round #1 between DJ Steez and grrrilla beats?  Click HERE to see that post again.  Round #2 was a bout between DJ Prisoner and the Den Mother.  (Confession: I’m DJ Prisoner!)  The Den Mother and myself decided to create our own eight categories and then go toe to toe matching songs for the playlist.  Our categories: a guilty pleasure song; a song overheard on Soul Train; a song by a band never played at DDPP before; a song with a sample in it; a 60’s Girl Group hit; a song from the year of your birth; a cover song; and, a song by a band you hate!  Check out what we came up with:

The Den Mother’s choice of Vanity 6’s Nasty Girl was a knock out!  I know she made a tremendous effort to find that single and it was clearly worth it.  I feel like we were matched blow for blow on the song with a sample:  her Tribe Called Quest and my De La Soul song each sampled THREE other songs!  I also feel like we went the distance in our selections of cover songs:  her choice of a Cyndi Lauper’s rendition of a Prince song and my Futureheads’ version of a Kate Bush hit reminds us of the power of girl rock.  All in all, I’d say the Den Mother had me on the ropes.  But it was a fun fresh way to create a playlist.  I’m excited to hear two more dancers create Round #3.  Who’s up for the challenge?


Video of Vanity 6 performing Nasty Girl on Soul Train.

Mark your calendars for our annual Spring Social:  Friday, March 30th at 7:30pm.  We’ll be dancing for 2 HOURS at this special dance party.  One hour of music will be Michael Jackson and the second hour will be Madonna.  We’ll be dancing to the hits of the King and Queen of Pop!  You don’t want to miss this–so grab a girl friend and bring her along.

The next time we’ll be dancing is this Sunday, March 11th at 4pm.  If Friday night dance parties don’t work into your schedule, come put on your boogie shoes on Sunday afternoon.  We’ll also be dancing Friday, March 16th at 7:30pm.  There are many opportunities to put a wiggle in it during March.  Come join us.