Dancing in the Sunlight

This is what it feels like to dance on Sunday afternoons–warm and bright.  We held our second Sunday afternoon dance party yesterday, February 5th.  It was so sunny many of us had to wear our sunglasses!  What a joy it is to rock out in the sunshine in February.  It helps that we had a stunning music mix courtesy of MC Neme-Sis.  Check it out:

This rock mix was just what the day called for.  I learned that I know all the lyrics to Huey Lewis & the News’ 1980s classic ‘Heart & Soul’ as I shamelessly sang along as I danced.

If you weren’t there, you missed out on conversations about our upcoming special event:  on Friday March 30th, we’re planning a Spring dance that will be a 2-hour affair.  The first hour we’ll play hits from Madonna and the second hour we’ll play hits from Michael Jackson–a dance-off between the Queen and King of Pop Music.  You don’t want to miss it–so mark your calendars now.  This special event will be a great time to bring a friend with whom you’ve always wanted to share DDPP.  More details will be forthcoming.

Our next dance party is Friday, Feb. 17, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Akron, OH.  Our next Sunday afternoon dance party will be March 11th at 4pm.  Mark your calendars–we’d love for you to join us.