Our First Ever Sunday DDPP


Last Sunday, January 8th, we held our first Sunday afternoon dance party and rocked it!  We had a tremendous turnout, high energy, and a lot of sunshine.  Considering we didn’t know what to expect, it was clearly a success.  There’s quite a need for dancing on Sundays–so we’re gonna do it again!  Plan on dancing on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY: February 5th at 3pm.  Of course, we’ll also be dancing on Friday January 20th, 7:30pm (the regularly scheduled third Friday of this month).  How much dancing do you want to do?  Join us for either or both dance parties.


Check out our amazing playlist for last Sunday:


Many, many thanks to DJ Steez for stepping up to provide us with an original mix for our first Sunday dance party.  If you are interested in being a DJ, let Joanna or Juniper know.  Please feel free to read about how to make the optimal playlist by reading the suggestions on the DJ You page on the blog.  Or, click here.  Whether it’s Friday nights or Sunday afternoons, you should be dancing…YEAH!



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  1. For anyone interested in listening again, you can access the mix though my Spotify account: http://open.spotify.com/user/lauramaidens/playlist/72L8ZxIwgFXPWdFy1ORCOO

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