What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Actually, Janet’s done quite a bit.  She provided the backdrop of the last dance party of 2011–but a dance party I’ll not soon forget!  In case you weren’t there, we had an all-Janet Jackson dance party on Friday Dec. 30th in which we were able to select and play the tracks by request on the same night!  We didn’t have a pre-determined playlist but instead had a sign-up sheet to select Janet songs for the evening. Check out the result of our Janet Jackson by request night:

I can’t believe you missed it either!?  It was such a success, we’re already planning more single artist dance parties in the future–on our fifth Friday dance parties throughout 2012.  How does that sound?

I love this photo so much!  Aahhh…the 80s hairstyles.  Thanks to Juniper and Janet for the awsome final DDPP playlist of 2011.  We’ve got our next dance party THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 6th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio as usual–it’s the first Friday already.  Let’s start the new year right by busting a groove and treating ourselves to what we enjoy.  The new year also means that we are starting up another DDPP opportunity on Sundays–so you can also dance at Martell’s on Sunday, January 8th at 3pm.  I’ll be there, will you?


Don’t wait a while, come join us for dancing in 2012!


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  1. […] to select the songs they wanted to hear and we played them!  Our previous By-Request Night was Janet Jackson–remember that?  Our next one is the fifth Friday, June 29th and we will be dancing to the requests from the hits […]

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