Do You Like to…Boogie Woogie?

If the Torrance Community Dance Group ever wants to come to DDPP-Akron, we’d be glad to host them!

Last night, Friday October 21st, we enjoyed an electronica music mix from DJ Prisoner.  Our dance party rave featured glow sticks and colorful strobe lights to enhance the hypnotic electronic rhythms.  I think I danced off enough calories to justify eating at least some of the Halloween candy I plan on indulging in next weekend!

Below is DJ Prisoner’s electronica playlist:

A few details about the mix (yes, I am DJ Prisoner): I couldn’t help but include a sort of movie theme.  The Propellerheads song is from my favorite scene in The Matrix, the Moby song has great dialogue clips from James Bond movies (“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”)  and of course, the music video for Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” is not only directed by but includes Spike Jonze in it (he’s the leader of the dance group).  Jonze is one of my favorite film directors.

Our next dance party is Friday November 4th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  If you haven’t been with us in a while, consider joining us again in November.  The exercise and activity will make you feel great!  I guarantee it 🙂