Culture Clubbing

What is it with the Hades-style heat each time we schedule a dance party?  This past Friday night, Sept, 2nd, was another hot summer night.  But we turned it out–like we always do!  I think these 90 degree days are behind us as we all look forward to cool fall nights and an early setting sun which brings a return to the darkened dance floor.

Thanks to DJ Culture for providing us with last week’s dance mix.  See below for that playlist.  Much gratitude to DJ Culture for reminding us of the fun to dance to hits from groups such as Romeo Void and the Marvelettes.

With school back in session, we welcome back our favorite students and mothers to DDPP.  Our next dance party is Friday September 16th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  (The entrance is between the pharmacy and Angel Falls–you know where it’s at!)

Don’t forget our upcoming Fall Formal entitled Dance Dance Party Party Homecoming Coming (whew!).  It’s not a formal event exactly…but a dance party hosted by DDPP-Akron where we will be inviting men to dance with us.  Click here for those details.  Come and join the fun this Fall!