Tripping the Tropical Light Fantastic


Last Friday, July 29th, was a fifth Friday of the month and another opportunity for a dance party.  If you weren’t there you missed a tropical twirl.  We moved to the island beats from a music mix filled with Cuban and Brazilian music.  Earlier in the day, our Ohio weather was blasting us with a nasty heat wave, so gently swaying to these rhythms was the thing to do.  As usual, we had quite a few fans circulating the air.  Accompanied by this playlist, the blowing air felt like gentle breezes through palm trees.  Am I the only one who was salivating for a fruity blended drink topped with a paper umbrella?  Check out this hot playlist:


Thanks to DJ Bulee for providing this original and entertaining playlist.  Our next dance party is THIS Friday August 5th at 7:30 pm.  In these summer months, be prepared to sweat.  Bring some water or gatorade and maybe even a towel.  But most importantly, bring yourself with your boogie shoes!  See you then.


Be prepared to sweat!  Thanks to Bad Postcards for the image.

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