Everything your heart desires…

SOME days you get everything you want. They are few and far between but sometimes, when the stars are aligned and you have played “nice” and all of that stuff, everything comes your way and you get that somebody to dance with. This playlist IS everything you want – old favorites that you know every single guitar lick of, esoteric classics, a friend’s amazing rap, and a new song that makes you spend money on itunes. What did I do to deserve this, I ask? Well, with DDPP you just have to show up:)

For a taste of what you missed watch these ladies rockin’ it out!

DJ Steez did us right and I am just sorry there weren’t more ladies there to get all of their wishes fulfilled. Come out for our 5th Friday DDPP on 7/29 for a Cuban inspired mix from DJ Bulee – I am sure all of your dancing desires will be granted.

One Response

  1. Gosh, I’m so curious to know what you purchased…

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