Thanks Chicago!

(That’s my kinda town, Chicago is!)

It recently came to our attention that the fabulous founders of Chicago’s DDPP and DDPP International–the two Jenns–have stepped down as acting Den Mothers.  Click here to see their blog post.  We, here in Akron, appreciate the hard work, responsibility and passion that goes into organizing such a worthwhile community.  We look forward to the future for DDPP Chicago, DDPP Akron and the many adventures and dance moves yet to come.  With much gratitude and sentimentality, the Akron Den Mothers reflect on our own origins as a tribute to the awesome influence from the Windy City.


When I was looking to start a Dance Dance Party Party in Akron I did not realize the changes that were coming to the whole DDPP community. Right when I was bugging the NY ladies to consider letting us in the group the HQ was moving to Chicago. It was a tough transition for me because I wasn’t getting any messages and I thought that maybe the national group was folding. Little did I know that the best was yet to come!

Once the new International Den Mothers, THE Jenns, knew I was already holding events they quickly gave me all of the love and support I needed – marketing help, a kick-ass WordPress site, advice. They built the awesome site and elevated our profile even more. I gave them some wacky ideas and they ran with them.  They asked us to help the other cities and we did. Basically they helped Akron-DDPP get up on its dancing feet and become the prima ballerina that it is.

I personally would like to thank the Jenns for everything they did, making my silly DDPP dream a reality and giving me some of the best times of the past 2 years. My only regret is that I have not yet made it to a Chicago DDPP event, although this summer looks good for it!


I first heard about DDPP Akron from a friend who had to explain to me several times just what it was about.  This friend–you know who you are, Kendra!–repeatedly told me about DDPP and bugged me about going for months.  So I actually didn’t attend my first dance event in Akron until well into the first year (2009).  But I immediately fell in love with the booty shakin’ as well as the attitude of all the other women.  Dancing every first, third and fifth Friday every month has become the routine to schedule the rest of my life around!  I am deeply grateful for the women, both local and across the country, who have had the drive and ambition to organize such a playful and awesome activity.  I also look forward to continuing to help make DDPP better and hopefully convincing Kendra to come to her first dance party 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Ddpp Akron! We love you so! Just happened upon this post and we are so touched! You all have done the ddpp name damn proud! Akron is like a model chapter on everything – passion, commitment, community building, spirit and bad ass playlists! Keep up the awesome work and we hope to dance in Akron with y’all sometime!

    • See, that is why you guys are awesome! We try to compliment you and you end up making us feel even more special:)

  2. YAYY!!

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