How Does Your Garden Grow?

A lightning storm with a sudden downpour kicked off last Friday’s Dance Dance Party Party.  It was an electric start to a mix by MC Mary Contrary.  By the time we were dancing to Iggy Pop, thankfully the dark clouds parted to reveal a dazzling *RAINBOW*.  Spring in Ohio means ‘Anything is Possible’–an inspirational philosophy also embraced by many DDPPers.

Thanks again to MC Mary Contrary for her boundary-pushing playlist (see above).  Did you notice the Frankie Yankovic polka song?  Yeah–oom pah pah music briefly flooded the dance floor as we polka’d our hearts out.  Another fun example of ‘Anything is Possible’ at DDPP!

Ruth Gordon, a patron saint of DDPP, singing and dancing in the movie ‘Harold & Maude.’

We’ll see everyone again on Friday, May 20th at 7:30.  We’ll be dancing to a mix by MC Neme-Sis, a challenging playlist to help shake off our winter weight.  Will you be there?


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  1. I am now officially channeling Maude at every DDPP!

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