Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Last Friday’s dance event was another successful effort.  Everyone there knows we enjoyed dancing to another mix of deep cuts (see playlist below).  Many in attendance were shaking off anxiety before Saturday’s CraftyMart–a very big independent crafting event in Akron.  On Saturday, I saw quite a few DDPPers purchasing the “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” t-shirts.   I also overheard discussions about the possibilities of an upcoming “Dirty Dancing” or perhaps even a “Footloose” inspired playlist.  Any inspired DJs out there?

Thanks again to DJ Riff Raff for sharing his playlist with us.  Anyone else who wants to share their passion for popular dance music with DDPP should talk to Juniper.

Our next dance event is this Friday, May 6th at 7:30 pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  Remember–we dance every 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of each month.  We’ll be grooving to the beat courtesy of MC Mary Contrary.  See you then!