I Think I’m in Love…with DDPP

Bryan Ferry: “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…”

Last Friday’s dance party (March 4th) was an exciting event with an amazing mix featuring a wide variety of musical styles.  This mix, courtesy of our own grrrilla beats, included pop hits ranging from The Ronettes to Arcade Fire, and from Kid Cudi to Dolly Parton.  There is something for everyone found within this mix of songs.  This is why we love DDPP:  dance music that keeps us moving with a variety of beats and rhythms.

Mark you calendars for April 1st–this is the date of our super special DDPP event we’re calling “Funky Fresh Spring Fling.”  On this special night anyone can bring a friend for FREE!  We’ll be featuring a fun music mix courtesy of Chicago DJ Chrissy Murderbot that highlights early ’90s hip-hop (also referred to as New Jack Swing).  This mix will instantly remind you of the soundtrack of the TV show “Beverly Hills 90210.”  This evening’s DDPP will be a little more social than usual–a great night for first-timers or dancers looking to get back to DDPP after getting out of the addictive habit.  That’s Friday April 1st at Martell’s.  Spread the word and bring a friend!

But before the Funky Fresh Spring Fling, we’ll be dancing March 18th at 7:30 pm at Martell’s.  Come and join us for our third Friday in March dance event with a music mix courtesy of DJ Prisoner.  Though obsessed with ’60s British TV spy shows, her music mix will feature ’80s New Wave dance hits.  But you should come anyway 😀


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