MC Neme-Sis…Get it?

Ok, one of the hardest parts about being a DJ for DDPP is picking a name, just ask the DJ for the next event! She came up with an awesome name – grrrilla beats – but it took a second or two or two weeks. Anyway, when my sister (yes, my real live sister) was trying to come up with a DJ name I made the joke that she should use “the first name of the artist from the first record you bought + the name of your first cat”. DJ Cure Nemesis sounded a little too goth/conflicted until I saw the pun built in to Nemesis, her first cat’s name. And that is where laughter ensued or it would have, if I had been on my old man park bench surrounded by my cronies.

This ^ plus This?

So, feel free to try our little trick of you are having trouble inventing a DJ name – it’ll make you chuckle if nothing else. And without further ado, I present MC Neme-Sis’ playlist (9/17)!

p.s. mine would be DJ Bonnie Renard:)


4 Responses

  1. My DJ name would have been DJ Men at Work Goo. That’s a horrible name!!!??

  2. My name would have been DJ Beach Boys Boots. It’s alliterative if nothing else! 😉

  3. I like DJ Beachy Boots! Or DJ Boy Boots.

  4. Fun exercise! My name would’ve been DJ Beatles Sable.

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