DJ Deeq’s Encore Performance – 2/26

How did I never hear this song? It made me laugh while I was dancing to it, as did the Humpty Dance, which I do remember. Thank you Dolli for a dance down memory lane. I didn’t notice that anyone was doing these moves correctly and I think I am thankful for that:)
After a false start last week that turned into an ice cream social (ICPP?) we were super pleased when our home dance studio let us come in on our “off” week and make up for a missed opportunity – and just in time as our DJ is going in for rotator cuff surgery soon. If DJ Deeq’s surgery goes as smoothly as her dance mix she’ll have nothing to worry about. Good luck, Dolli!

*Reminder: Check out our picture on the mother site.  Also, we have flyers and posters to spread the word – ask me!

Special Notice: We’re extending our schedule to include 5th Fridays! Keep you posted.


2 Responses

  1. haha! oh my gosh juniper. that video is hilarious!!! visions of high school dances are fluttering in my head. the Tootsie Roll pretty much sums up the high school experience for us nineties kids, as far as i’m concerned! and can’t you just feel your life changing after hearing the creative stylings of the 69 boyz?! 😉

  2. thx so much 4 your kind words, dear den mother! surgery went well as expected and i hope 2 b back on de dance floor as soon as possible! LOVE the viddy–love dancing with you all…(pls xcuse the 1-finger crypto-typing but right now, that’s all i got!) xoxo

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