Bring on the Gravy!


Chant with me: Go Monica! Go Monica! Go Monica–

We had another successful dance party last week.  Friday Nov. 21, we gathered once again to shake it, drop it, and and twist it all around.  Some of us–maybe it was just me–were mindful of the upcoming Thanksgiving meal and looked to burn some calories before the big meal.  Whatever motivations you have, you can find yourself at home–on the dance floor–at DDPP-Akron.

First-timer DJ Balkan Comrade made it look easy by rockin’ the casbah with her own special playlist.  Her mix featured a variety of rhythms and a little something for everyone.  It was a collection of songs that kept the dance floor movin’ and appealed to all.  She had me at “This Charming Man” but I’m always a sucker for the Smiths!  Check out her complete playlist below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.12.46 PM

Still want to burn some calories before the holidays?  Need to see your dance friends before everyone gets too busy with their families over December?  Our next opportunity to dance is Friday, Dec. 5th at 8pm at Martell’s studio in Highland Square.  I happen to know that DJ Prisoner is bringing the music which embraces a retro vibe.  There ya go.  Come on Dec. 5th to find out more!  See you on the dance floor.

It’s Dare!

Electronic music masters, Daft Punk.

Electronic music masters, Daft Punk.

At our last dance party, on Friday Nov. 7th, we had a full dance floor.  We were shakin,’ snappin’ our fingers, and movin’ round and round–like we always do.  Yet the evening was made even more lively by four–yes, FOUR–youngsters who so easily reminded us of the youthful, carefree joy of dancing.  DJ Big Balla brought big beats to her music mix which kept the dancers moving non-stop.  Many thanks to her for providing us with the hour’s music.


When you deejay, the responsibility includes providing an hour’s worth of music AND a screenshot of your playlist. All deejay duties are spelled out here:

If you haven’t already heard the news: there’s been a change in process for all deejays.  Your screenshot of your playlist is now due NO LATER THAN the date of your dance party.  Your screenshot is to be posted on the facebook group (Dance Dance Party Party-Akron group) wall on or before that Friday.  We don’t ask for a screenshot for our health–it’s an important part of what we use to write a review for the event (It’s quite a challenge to describe our dance parties without referencing the music.)  The event review is not only one of the most important ways we communicate with our dancers–it’s also an important means of communicating with all our sister DDPPs around the globe.  When our deejays ignore my requests for screenshots, then as a group we all look slipshod and careless–when I know that’s not the case.  With our new process, everyone gets a fresh start to be responsible and accountable again.  And thank you to all the volunteers who cooperate.

Our next dance party is Friday Nov. 21st, 8pm at Martell’s.  Come and burn some calories–you know you’ll be exceeding your typical calorie intake on Thanksgiving–so get ahead of that second slice of pumpkin pie!  See you on the dance floor.  And, deejays– SEND IN YOUR SCREENSHOT!

The Mask Dance


Can you feel the boogie behind the mask?


These guys can feel it!


This guy can feel it!

We all felt it on Halloween night – a triple special DDPP! It was a Fifth Friday and the soundtrack theme fit perfectly into the holiday. Surprising how many dance tunes make it into spooky movies!

For this special day four DJs joined to together to make one giant DJ Horrorshow:


We have months worth of great mixes coming up – from newbies, veterans and encores. Feel free to wear your boogie mask to DDPP anytime!

Fall Fantasia


Hasn’t this Fall weather been fantastic?  Our dancers have been loving it as well.  Cool nights and the darkened room make dancing comfortable and effortless.  For those of us that appreciate dancing unseen–even incognito–under the darkness of the unlit room, these Fall nights have been perfect.  This past dance party on Friday October 17, DJ Swizzle kept the dancers moving with her hip-hop-tastic  music mix.  Many thanks to her.


Note the time change: we dance at 7PM on Fri Oct. 31st!

Even more exciting, we’ve got a fifth Friday during the month of October–Friday Oct. 31st.  We have a special music mix planned with spooky, perhaps even horror-inspired danceable music for our Halloween night dance party!  It’s a special mix collected by four of our dancers.  For the ease of dancers planning on partying on that night–we have bumped our dance party up an hour earlier.  Yes, we’re dancing at 7pm on Friday, Oct. 31st.  Now you have time to dance at 7pm and still make it home to attend your friends’ party that night!  So plan on having a howling good time.  We dance again at 7pm on Friday Oct. 31st.  Bring a friend–costumes are welcome.  See you on the dance floor!

What a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance


Autumn nights have turned cooler and the sun sets earlier.  Our dance floor is now the perfect atmosphere for comfort and unseen expression while we dance.  Our last dance party on Friday October 3 was a little wet outside but otherwise the perfect Fall evening for dancing.  Though we experienced a few technical difficulties, we danced with little concern.  Our first time deejay, DJ Ginger Snap, provided us with a rockin’ music mix that kept us spinning.


With even more daring, she challenged herself by creating a themed mix incorporating musical references to the astronomical.  I think she deserves extra points for working in the song “Locked Out of HEAVEN” by Bruno MARS.  How clever is DJ Ginger Snap!?  Plenty–that’s for sure.  Thanks again to DJ Ginger Snap for her efforts to keep us dancing!


Another piece of business–Did every one hear?  DDPP-Akron was voted Favorite Group/Organization in a poll this summer hosted by the blog Akron  YAYY!  Thanks to everyone who voted!  Check out the original announcement HERE.

We’ve got a full month in October with plenty of opportunities to join us to dance.  Our next dance party is Friday, October 17, 8pm at Martell’s in Highland Square.  Mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 31st as well–we have an extra special Halloween-inspired dance party for the fifth Friday of this month.  You don’t want to miss out!  See you on the dance floor!

Thank You for Giving Me the Best Day


A technical SNAFU prevented DJ Mama Bear from sharing her music mix with us as planned several months ago.  We got her back on the schedule and we finally grooved out to her hour’s worth of danceable delectables.  On Friday September 19th,  we rocked out to dance classics such as Snap!’s Rhythm is a Dancer, George Clinton’s Atomic Dog, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.  We also got to try some different rhythms with songs such as Les Yeux Noirs by Coco Brival and Elias by Dispatch.  I also got my first chance to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe without fear of being caught on the Akron Rubber Ducks’ fan cam with thousands watching!  This is a strength of DDPP–we get to hear familiar and new songs and find our own rhythms to express ourselves in a non-judgmental space.  This is who we are.  Many, many thanks to DJ Mama Bear for sticking by us so we could finally get her music played, and volunteering her time and effort to help us continue doing what we do.  Check out her complete playlist:


Interested in contributing your own hour’s worth of dance music? We are currently adding deejays to the schedule–even if you’ve already contributed this year, we can offer you a second go around, if you’re willing.  Let the Den Mothers know you want to deejay, and we’ll get you on the schedule.

bored at home

Don’t sit at home–come dancing!

We hope to see you at our next dance party on Friday, October 3rd.  This year October is a month that includes a fifth Friday–we already have a special playlist in mind.  You don’t want to miss out on all the spooky fun!  As always, we dance at 8pm in Martell’s Dance studio in Highland Square.  See you on the dance floor!

I Will Follow…You to DDPP




The Labor Day holiday is behind us and we move forward into cooler weather and earlier sunsets.  For mothers of school aged children, it often means a new routine as well.  As we welcome autumn back once again, it’s an ideal time to re-discover the fun of DDPP.  At our last dance party on Friday September 5th, we tapped our toes to an 80s playlist courtesy of a new deejay, DJ Owly B.  While we’ve certainly rocked out to 80s set lists before, every mix is a unique one–and DJ Owly B showed us what an awesome alternative music playlist from the 1980s could sound like.  We owe much thanks to DJ Owly B for donating her time to providing us dancers with the music we crave.  Check out her complete playlist:




We’re currently looking for deejays to sign up, get their names on the schedule, and provide us with an hour’s worth of danceable music for selected dates during our October, November, and December dance parties.  Know what it takes to deejay?  Click HERE to see the deejay suggestions again.  If you’d like to volunteer, please email the address, or speak with den mothers Juniper or Joanna after the next dance party.  Remember this song from our previous event?



If you’re looking to join us, our next dance party is Friday Sept. 19th, 8pm at Martell’s as usual.  Remember our dance parties are ALWAYS the 1st, 3rd, and when there is one, the 5th Friday of each month.  Mark your calendars now and join the fun.  See you on the dance floor!





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