Rebels & Outsiders

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As defiant as the title suggests, our dancers embraced the theme last Friday, July 18th, at our last dance party.  Yet, we did what we usually do–by following the philosophy of the dance floor.  It was an amazing night, as usual!  DJ grrrilla beats provided us with a themed music mix filled with songs  reflecting and inciting rebellion.  It was the perfect playlist to accompany our typical attitude of dance and commitment.  See for yourself:




Thanks to DJ grrrilla beats for the playlist.  If you missed this last dance party, don’t fret!  We have another one on Friday August 1st, at 8pm.  As usual, we will meet at Martell’s in Highland Square and you are welcome to join us.  We’ll have an all-new playlist.  Heads up dancers!  The month of August offers us a Fifth Friday so we’ll be dancing to the movie soundtrack of American Hustle.  It will be a night of cool, breezy, 70s hits  for what I’m sure will be a hot, August night.  See you on the dance floor.



This is Dedicated to the One I Love

We’ll miss you Bobby Womack!

I didn’t hear any Mamas and the Papas at our last dance party, Friday July 4th. However, The Den Mother deejayed a themed music mix dedicated to the dancers of DDPP-Akron. Some of the songs were included specifically for individual regular attendees, while other songs were meant to pay tribute to several dancers–and other tunes spoke to the group in general. I was ready to lay claim to half a dozen songs I was sure were meant just for me! And I think that was The Den Mother’s intent. Many thanks to The Den Mother. Check out her complete playlist:




Sometimes people ask us why we have themed mixes–and new deejays sometimes fear they are expected to craft their own themed mix. So let me explain: no one is ever obligated to create a themed playlist. Some of us that have deejayed many times get inspired, on occasion, to give ourselves a framework to limit our selections for mixes. That is all a themed mix is. If you ever have any other questions about what makes a good music mix, please read over the instructions located on the website HERE. If you’d like to deejay an upcoming dance party, please see Juniper or Joanna–or contact us on facebook. We always need more music to dance to.


big telephoneCall Your friends–it’s gonna be a good dance party!

Our next dance party looks to be just as exciting! DJ grrrilla beats promises a music mix featuring tunes for rebels and outsiders. That sounds provocative–you don’t want to miss this one. We meet Friday, July 18th, 8pm at Martells in Highland Square as usual. See you on the dance floor!

Even Better Than the Real Thing


We returned to the 1990s at our last dance party!  DJ Prisoner supplied us with a music mix culled from hits exclusively from the 90s, a flashback to an musical era some of us aren’t eager to visit again.  But everyone had a good time as we remembered the Oasis/Blur rivalry, the iconic sounds of the Beastie Boys and Beck, and the quintessential sounds from 90s bands such as Sixpence None the Richer, Arrested Development, and Belly.  There’s so much music to unearth from that decade–a fact made clear when one realizes that each of the songs on this playlist is new to the DDPP-Akron song database!  Check out DJ Prisoner’s complete playlist:





Channel your own inner Little Edie and express your patriotism in dance!


Check the calendar–our next dance party is Friday July 4th.  INDEPENDENCE DAY!  It’s not our style to cancel–we’d prefer to express our appreciation for our American Independence with dance.  So wear your favorite red, white, and blue outfit–or don’t–and join us on the dance floor.  We start at 8pm so don’t be late!  The Den Mother is our next deejay and I’m sure looking forward to this playlist–you don’t want to miss it.  See you on the dance floor :)



Substitute Me for Him


Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  But DDPP-Akron doesn’t give up when faced with a challenge.  At our last dance party, Friday June 6th, our scheduled deejay experienced a little SNAFU when her technology didn’t deliver as expected.  But that’s okay–another dancer grabbed her own phone and quickly put together a danceable playlist for our needs.  We’ll re-schedule MC Mama Bear for another date, and thank DJ Steez for filling-in at the last minute.  YAYY!!  We’re not exactly the the type of group that cancels when things get rough.  We’re more like the group that puts it all out on the dance floor!  Check out DJ Steez’ substitute playlist:



You can also check out DJ Steez’ playlist on Spotify:  click HERE to connect to that link.  Thanks DJ Steez.  What’s up next for DDPP-Akron?  Glad you asked.  We dance again on Friday, June 20th, 8pm at Martell’s Dance School in Highland Square.  I know that DJ Prisoner is scheduled to bring the playlist and she says it’s an 1990s music mix!  She “ain’t 2 proud 2 beg” you to come and join the dance party!  That’s a little lyrical teaser there–oh…just google it.  See you on the dance floor!





Rock Around the Clock


american-graffiti-1973-03-gAmerican Graffiti–an emotional and appropriate movie soundtrack to usher in our  summer dance parties


Our last dance party was a sock hop to remember!  Friday, May 30th was a fifth Friday in May so we planned for a special playlist–one featuring a movie soundtrack.  DJ Cher-nobyl created an explosive music mix from the double-album soundtrack of the 1973 movie AMERICAN GRAFFITI.  She had the dancers doing the Twist, the dance to “Tequila”, a bluesy down-and-dirty shake to “Green Onions,” and rockin’ and rollin’ to classics like “Rock Around the Clock,” “Yakkety Yak,” “Ya Ya,” and “Chantilly Lace.”  Many thanks to DJ Cher-nobyl for contributing her time and efforts to provide us with our music this week.  Here’s the playlist from last Friday’s dance party:


graffiti playlist95307_n

What movie soundtrack would you like to dance to in our upcoming fifth Friday themed nights?  Our next fifth Friday is coming in August–will you be there?  After you mark August 29th (fifth Friday) on your calendar–don’t forget we dance AGAIN this Friday, June 6th.  We always dance on the first, third (and when there is one, the fifth) Friday of each and every month.  The music starts at 8pm and only lasts an hour–so don’t be late.  See you on the dance floor!




Re-live a little of the hot dance music from last week’s party–and join us to dance again on Friday June 6th.



Dancing Not Optional


We had a bit of chaos at our last dance party on Friday, May 16th!?  We got bumped from our usual dance room, tried to use the front room, and ended up using the tap room for its functional music player.  What the–(sigh).  That kind of confusion is not our typical dance party experience but everyone kept rolling with the changes.  Thanks to everyone who proved their loyalty and patience.  I guess the good music mix made it easy to keep our thoughts on the reason we we do this–it’s all about the dance!  Our deejay, Chop-chop Monkeygirl’s playlist:





Looking to the future, many are already excited for our next dance party.  This month we have a fifth Friday on the calendar–and you know what that means!  Friday May 30th will be a movie soundtrack night.  We’ll be dancing to the hit songs from the double-length album release of the 1973 movie American Graffiti, directed by George Lucas–starring Ron Howard, Cindy Williams, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, and Mackenzie Phillips among others.  The movie is set at the end of summer, 1961–so get ready to join us for our sock hop.



The music starts at our next dance party on Friday, May 30th at 8pm–so don’t be late!  You don’t want to miss this one-time event.  See you on the dance floor.

DJ Battle-palooza!


I think I’m starting to lose track of how many times we’ve done this!  Maybe this is DJ Battle #4?  Here’s a link to previous battle reviews.  Please correct me if there have been more.  DJ Battles always seem to bring a spark of freshness to the dance floor.  I’m certain we could host quite a few more DJ Battles–have you thrown down one yet?


“…like the ceiling can’t hold us…”


What am I talking about?  DJ Battles are just another approach to creating an hour’s worth of music for a danceable playlist.  A DJ Battle occurs when two deejays agree to create seven (or so) categories and match each other with songs that fit the category.  The result is fourteen songs (about an hour’s worth of music).  It’s not as much a competition as the title implies–but as we always say….the true winners are always the dancers!  Last week’s dance party (Friday May 2nd), was another DJ Battle featuring speed, agility, and fancy footwork.  A few of the categories: a song that might have played at your prom, a song that reminds you of when you were a foreign exchange student, a duet, a song about dancing, and a sexy song.  Maybe the deejays, The Den Mother and grrrilla beats, will share with us the names of the rest of their categories.

If you’d like to wage your own DJ Battle, please let one of the den mothers know and we’ll put you on the deejay schedule.  Then grab a partner and come up with your own categories–or select from those that have been used in previous battles.  It’s just that easy.  Check out last week’s playlist:




Take a break from the mundane and join us on the dance floor!  We dance again on Friday, May 16th, 8pm–don’t be LATE!  We’ll be at Martell’s dance school in Highland Square as usual.  We always dance on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Fridays of every month–so mark your calendars ahead of time.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

If you’re looking at your calendar, you’ll see this month includes a 5th Friday (Friday May 30th) so we’ll be dancing to a movie soundtrack again.  On May 30th, we’ll be dancing to the soundtrack of American Graffiti–an early 1960s music playlist.  So get your bobby socks out and join us on the dance floor!





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