I’m Coming Out


The Rossiest of them all–Diana Ross!


We had a wonderful turn out at our last dance party, Friday, April 18th.  Spring is in the air and I think dancers are ready to shed the winter doldrums.  Just in case you weren’t there, this is what you missed.  DJ Random Select prepared an exciting mix of old hits with contemporary sounds–the perfect pastiche to make everyone happy.  We discoed to Diana Ross’ anthem “I’m Coming Out” and hip hopped to M.I.A.’s “Bucky Done Gun.”  We also went old-school rock with Elvis’ “Hound Dog,” even older-school to a 1930s inspired “Keep Young and Beautiful” by Annie Lennox, and back to contemporary with Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” 



This kind of collection of hits from across genres, and variations in rhythms is what keeps the dance floor moving.  Thanks to DJ Random Select for reminding us of how it’s done.  If you are scheduled to be deejay soon, please don’t hesitate to consult with the instructions we’ve provided here on the website, under the tab “DJ You.”  Or, click HERE for the link.  For the complete playlist from last week’s dance party, see below:




We’d love for you to join us.  Our next event is Friday, May 2nd, 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance in Highland Square.  Rumor has it–it’s the birthday of one of our Den Mothers–so this ddpp will hopefully have extra celebratory energy!  You don’t want to miss it.  So call your girlfriends–it’s gonna be a dance party!






Just Like Heaven



Even though the dancing at our last dance party (Friday, April 4th) may have seemed like a celebration, we were in fact saying goodbye to one of our regular dancers.  All too soon, DJ Dub-Cee will move away from Akron onto a new, fantastic employment opportunity out west.  We expressed ourselves in the only way we know–with the joy of dance–and hope she can carry some of it with her to her new home.  It’s not like we wanted to be happy but the music mix she brought to the party was so hot, we couldn’t help but send her off with our toes tapping!  As you can see, she had us jumpin’ and jivin’ with a well-rounded mix–from Bette Midler’s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard,” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”  To be honest, I can’t hear the 1980s hit, “Tenderness” by General Public, enough these days.  We will miss you DJ Dub-Cee.  Check out her complete playlist:




Thanks again to DJ Dub-Cee for volunteering her time and effort into giving us an hour’s worth of music so we could dance.  Are you interested in deejaying for us?  Please see Juniper after our next dance party and she’ll put you on the schedule.  Want to know what it takes to deejay for us?  Check out this link.




Why not come and join the party?  We dance again on Friday April 18th, 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance in Highland Square (Don’t be late!)  That will be a GOOD FRIDAY to dance–get it?  I’m making a holiday reference!?  Hop on over and join the fun (holiday reference #2).  See you on the dance floor!



Dip Trip–Flip Fantasia


Who’s ready for warmer weather?


Now that it’s officially Spring, are you ready to dance?  Last Friday (March 21st), we dancers welcomed the promise of Spring with open arms and shuffling feet.  A new deejay provided her first playlist and had us all moving to the beat.


karen playlist247830_n



When the playlist opened with Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” we knew the dance floor would be hot.  Hearing the disco standard “Le Freak”by Chic once again, it reminds me of slumber parties and dancing to the 45 record that my friend in 6th grade owned.  What great memories it is dancing to the classics.  Thanks to DJ Estrella for her music mix.



Looking to join all the fun?  We dance again on Friday April 4th, 8pm at Martell’s dance studio in Highland Square.  Come dressed in comfortable clothing–odds are, you’ll be sweating!  See you on the dance floor.



Hey Ms. Veejay–Dancing in Silhouette



Video Night means we have music videos projected on the wall during our dance party!


While it’s still only March, I’m pretty confident that last week’s dance party (Fri March 7th) will be my favorite DDPP of the year.   My certainty comes from experience–I absolutely LOVE video dance parties veejayed by The Den Mother.  Last June, we hosted our first-ever video dance party and it was mind blowing!  (Read once again the event review about “Video Killed the Radio Star” from last June by clicking HERE.)  Last week’s event was no less impressive than our first video night. 


The Velvet Underground performing in front of moving images in 1966.



Fred Astaire dancing in the 1936 movie Swing Time with his own shadows on the wall.

It’s a multi-sensory experience that one has to experience for one’s self.  One whole wall of the studio is covered by projected moving images that reflect in another other wall of mirrors, as we all dance with abandon.  The Den Mother selects just the right beats and images to inspire the roomful of dancers, as we take in the swirling animated videos, rousing break dancers, and funky Soul Train performances.  Video night reminds me of an experience somewhere between dancing at Warhol’s Factory in the 60s and Fred Astaire dancing with his own silhouette.  No wonder it’s my favorite dance party of the year!  Thanks to The Den Mother for the extra time she puts into organizing video dance night and check out her playlist:




Dancing to this video clip from Saturday Night Live, our shadow dancers invaded Boy Dance Party!


Even though video night is behind us, we are still going to have a wonderful time at the next dance party.  Every dance party is unique–come and discover the magic for yourself!  We dance again on Friday March 21st, 8pm at Martell’s dance studio in Highland Square.  See you on the dance floor.



Pure Energy


That’s right!  You missed another awesome dance party!

DDPP dancers hit the dance floor for a variety of reasons.  Some of us attend for the pure love of dance, some to burn calories, while others are looking for a way to reduce stress in their lives.  Whatever your motivations, you are welcome.  Our last dance party, Friday, February 21st, was an opportunity to express yourself on the dance floor.  DJ Harvey gave us a playlist that kept things movin.’   C’mon–check out his music mix (below).  We were rockin.’  If anything, we needed a song or two added to the mix to help us catch a breath between these high energy beats.


Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.36.24 PM

There’s no reason to cry because you missed it–we’ll be dancing again on Friday, March 7th, 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance as usual.  But you will boo-hoo if you miss this next one:  it’s everybody’s favorite event–the video dance party.  The Den Mother will be projecting music videos on the wall of the dance studio as we dance with abandon to the multi-media splendor.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!  We start promptly at 8pm.  Read about her last video dance party.  See you on the dance floor.

5th Anniversary Dance Party


Last Friday, February 7th, we were missing one of our den mothers (we missed you, Juniper) for the 5th anniversary of the start of our group.  But we made up for it by welcoming a group of women who were celebrating life.  Once Juniper returns, maybe we can convince her to re-schedule the ice cream tradition that goes along with our anniversary?  Who’s with me?



Many thanks to DJ DC who provided us with a rollicking playlist.  His musical selections fit the mood of the evening, selections that included a wide variety of hits to please everyone dancing in the room at the time.  We heard songs from the 1950s including Freddy Cannon’s “Tallahassie Lassie,”  the 1960′s with the Velvet Underground’s “Temptation Inside Your Heart,” and the 1980s such as “Missionary Man” by the Eurythmics, “Suddenly Last Summer” by the Motels, and “The Boy With The Thorn in his Side” by the Smiths.  It was also refreshing to be dancing to more contemporary hits as well, including “Treasure” by Bruno Mars and “You Make Me” by Avicii.  Thanks to DJ DC for keeping the dance floor moving.  Check out his complete playlist:

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.16.05 AM

Our next dance party will be Friday, February 21st at 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance.  We’d love for you to join us.  These long, cold winter nights are easier to withstand when you know you can sweat it out on the dance floor.  See you there!

break dance hearts





Molly Ringwald Wannabes


Molly as Claire, “The Princess,” in 1985′s The Breakfast Club.

The perfect blend of individuality and vulnerability, just who didn’t want to be Molly Ringwald when they were a teenager?  At last Friday’s (January 31st) dance party, we got a chance to re-live our teenage dreams when we bopped to songs from the soundtracks of our favorite 1980s teen movies.  Most of the soundtracks from these ’80s movies are too short or contain songs that are too slow, so DJ Prisoner cherry-picked hits from across several ’80s teen movie soundtracks to create a collection to which we could easily dance.  As you can see from the following playlist (check the third column), there were songs from Say Anything, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, Valley Girl, Weird Science, She’s Having A Baby, Valley Girl, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Check out the song titles and artists:




We like to do special playlists like this for every Fifth Friday dance party–and last Friday was the fifth Friday in January.  Our next Fifth Friday is in May and we’ll be dancing to the soundtrack of the 1973 movie American Graffiti.  I don’t think I can stand to wait until May!?


Final scene in Sixteen Candles set to the Thompson Twins’ “If You Were Here”–our cool-down song.

If you missed last week’s dance party, don’t worry!  We have another opportunity to dance this week.  We dance again THIS FRIDAY, February 7th with a playlist courtesy of DJ DC.  We’ll start at 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance in Highland Square.  See you on the dance floor!




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